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🍄 Final Pre-IPO Equity Round Opens On July 1st.
🍄 Definitive Agreement Entered for $382M Merger.
🍄 Join 11,000 Existing Shareholders Who Invested Over $21.5M
🍄 Invest at the Same Valuation as Last Round (closed in March)
🍄 Round Open to Accredited Investors Only
🍄 Minimum Investment of $2,470 / $4.94 Per Share

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Final Pre-IPO Equity Round Goes Live In:

Help Us Bring Natural Psychedelic Medicine To The Market

Don’t miss out on your last chance to invest and join EI. Ventures’ mission to help millions of people worldwide struggling with mental illness. Join the ‘farmaceutical’ revolution to create fast and affordable access to 100% natural, whole-plant psychedelic therapies.

Our Mission

We are building the natural psychedelics movement that is open-sourced to the world. Our team of scientists, healers, and conscious investors are changing the narrative around psychedelic therapy so that our gold-standard treatment technology and delivery system can move through FDA trials towards legalization. We want to provide people with a safer and more efficient path to self-improvement so that they can overcome challenges and move forward with higher levels of self-acceptance and a more attuned perspective.

Our Story

We started our journey over 12 years ago in Los Angeles, bringing healing modalities to a growing community of individuals curious about alternative paths to health and wellness. Then came the island of Maui, Hawaii, where we connected with farmers, chemists, and iconic leaders of psychedelic medicine to explore the power of the plant and natural therapies that unlock the mind and heal the soul. EI. Ventures was born out of a mission of conscious, sustainable investing and community building.

Plant-powered therapies, delivered by nature.

EI. Ventures’ is on its way to becoming the world’s leading source for therapy powered by nature. We are building a community and educational platform around the use of functional and psychedelic mushrooms to address a growing mental health crisis.

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