Reasons To Invest

  • Psychoactive Pharmaceuticals is in the infancy stage, and we have an early mover’s advantage.

  • FDA Approval path is capital + human capital intensive, which provides a high barrier to entry.

  • Ei.Ventures’ business model is dual track (FDA Pipeline + Nutraceutical Sales) to help reduce overall cash burn until Approval (or Investment Exit).

  • We are aiming to become a natural and effective substitute for today’s large antidepressant medication.

  • Large Total Addressable Market - $34B+ in annual sales.

For 700 million people worldwide suffering from one form of mental illness or another, access to these potentially life-changing compounds can’t come soon enough.   

In the current environment of fully synthetic products, we may not see true access given until 2025 or beyond.

Emotional Intelligence Ventures has plans to change this using plant medicine and botanical psychedelic therapeutics.

Our World is Changing, and Mental Health is Suffering


People suffer from depression worldwide


People suffer from PTSD worldwide


People suffer from substance abuse worldwide

1 in 5

American adults suffer from a form of mental illness


Of people affected by mass-conflicts have PTSD


Increase in OUD diagnosis in the U.S. from 2010-2016


Estimated cost of depression to the global economy


Estimated global cost of mental health conditions in 2030 by the World Economic Forum(up from $2.5 trillion in 2010)


People die every day from opioid abuse

Alarming Growth of Mental Illness

1 IHME, Global Burden of Disease
2 STAR*D Study 3 Express Scripts “America’s State of Mind”

Outdated Treatments


Non-adherence rates to antidepressants


Of adults with MDD are “treatment-resistant”


Of patients on an antidepressant medication do not recover fully


Increase in U.S. antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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Welcome to the Mental Health Renaissance

Emotional Intelligence Ventures creates a “Farma” vs. “Pharma” debate. We believe that this struggle goes beyond the standard of pharma; whole-plant botanical medicines can be more  impactful and potentially better than the synthetics prescribed for chronic mental health disorders.

Our suite of mental wellness products and services was designed to prevent, reverse, and manage chronic mental health disorders.

We offer an integration of novel therapeutic formulations:

  • Novel psychedelic formulations made from botanicals

  • Functional mushrooms nootropic support 

  • Telepsychiatry and wellness apps

The Market is Ready for a Change: Competitive Advantage

Botanical Psychedelic

Psychedelic library consists of
psychedelic and non-psychoactive
botanical compounds


Multiple, complementary initiatives leveraging bioscience and technology

Leadership Team

Leadership team with track record of
multiple successful exits

Clinical Development

Ability to develop a robust clinical pipeline across a range of global sites

Advisors & Partners

World-renowned advisory board, thought leaders spanning multiple disciplines

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A Changing Climate: Ei.Ventures Traction

COVID-19 has changed the game…
  • During late June, 40% of U.S. adults reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse (CDC).¹

  • The prevalence of symptoms of anxiety disorder was approximately 3x those reported in the second quarter of 2019 (25.5% vs. 8.1%), and prevalence of depressive disorder was approximately 4x that reported in the second quarter of 2019 (24.3% versus 6.5%).²  

  • Regulatory loosening in multiple states and countries surrounding the study & use of psychedelic therapeutics.³

  • A recent survey of 2,000 Americans found one in two of those surveyed have eschewed more traditional medicine in favor of natural alternatives.

  • Only 11% of population reported using telehealth services in 2019, whereas 78% now interested in telehealth going forward.

Big Pharma and Institutional Involvement

Major pharmaceutical companies are getting involved in psychedelic medicine

Johnson and Johnson Esketamine (synthetic) product Spravato had multiple indications approved by the FDA.

Non-Profits: MAPS received donations of $30 million over 6 months for its research on MDMA

Universities: John Hopkins University ($27 million USD), Imperial College London

Government: DARPA $17 million
Dollars Pouring In: $250 million USD invested in the first half of 2020, with projected growth at 16.3% CAGR

Market Opportunity

Ei.Ventures is entering an estimated $34.5 Billion industry.

Size of the antidepressant drug market as of 2019 with an expected growth rate of 4.9% CAGR through 2026.

$16 B

Size of the medicinal mushroom market with an expected growth rate of 9.4% CAGR by 2026.

$13 B

Size of the telepsychiatry market with an expected growth rate of 24.7% CAGR from 2020-2027.

$5.5 B
Three-Part Strategy

Formulate novel psychedelic API, therapeutics, and delivery mechanisms for commercialization and licensing.


Launch our proprietary medicinal mushroom
formulations into the $250b nutraceutical market.


Acquire and expand a unique tele-psychiatry app to compliment our therapeutic products.


Decriminalization of Psilocybin

Timeline of Events

May 2019

Denver, CO becomes the first city to decriminalize Psilocybin

June 2019

The city of Oakland, CA followed suit and decriminalized Psilocybin

January 2020

The city of Santa Cruz, CA decriminalizes Psilocybin

September 2020

Ann Arbor, MI decriminalizes Psilocybin

November 2020

Oregon to become the first state in the nation to allow the use of Psilocybin in therapy and votes to decriminalize

November 2020

D.C. residents voted to decriminalize the use of Psilocybin and other substances, including the active ingredients in ayahuasca and peyote
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Ei.Ventures is entering an estimated $34.5 Billion industry.

Ei.Ventures Investment Into Telepsychiatry

We believe in emphasizing early evidence-based non-pharmacological intervention, avoiding over medication and in the intersection of cutting-edge technology and societal shift in perception of mental health care.

Evidence-based Benefits

  • Personal advocate via Deep learning

  • Telepsychiatry

  • Wellness sensing technologies, mind-body

  • A recent survey of 2,000 Americans found one in two of those surveyed have eschewed more traditional medicine in favor of natural alternatives

  • Acquisition strategy

Transdermal Psilly

Transdermal therapeutic systems are high-tech patches that make treatment much more convenient. Ei.Ventures is exploring the use of transdermal patches as a delivery mechanism which would allow Psilly to enter the system and bypass the blood brain barrier.

Top 5 Advantages

  • Improved well well-being of the patient

  • Constant drug levels

  • Fewer side effects

  • Direct delivery of active ingredients to the body, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract

  • Less substance required due to even and direct release into the bloodstream

Functional Mushrooms MANA Nutraceuticals

We are creating seven proprietary formulations using a unique formulation process for enhanced bioavailability and efficacy.

What these Products Target

  • Cognition and immune system

  • Energy, vitality, mood, sleep, and weight loss

  • Fewer side effects

  • Mental and physical optimization formicro dosers

  • Nootropic or Smart Drugs

  • Joint & Muscle Pain

These visuals are for illustrative purposes only. The final product may differ entirely from the visuals.
Meet Psilly

Psilly is a psilocybin-based formulation that starts with natural fungal extracts (our nano super psilocybin API compound). This high-quality psilocybin extract is combined in a stacked formulation with other naturally occurring and complementary plant extracts.

  • Minimal effective dose (MED) of psilocybin with negligible hallucinogenic effect while still providing patient with a psychedelic experience

  • Little to no side effects reported – No “hangover” post-consumption

  • 1 to 3 hour active period

  • Ability to continue a microdose with very small amounts

Synthetics Vs. Botanicals

The Entourage Effect and Psychedelics

The Entourage Effect says that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This has played out in the Cannabis space and there is mounting evidence that synthetic psychedelics do not produce an entourage effect. This entourage effect is a missing ingredient in the current psychedelic drug development landscape. Our commitment is to stay true to the whole fungi and plant. This allows us to avoid skewing the natural balance in our bodies and minds and potentially provide much effective treatments and drug protocols.

What Makes Ei.Ventures Different?

Developing Botanical (all fungi or plant based) Psychedelic API and Therapeutics

Potentially safer and greater efficacy. Gives us the ability to have first-mover advantage in legal jurisdictions. Novel IP that we own and have the ability to license.

Strong Revenue Arm Development

Focusing on developing strong revenue arms with mushroom nootropics brand, Telepsychiatry Investment, and picks and shovels Psychedelic API Pipeline.

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EI Clinical
Development Pipeline

R&D Pipeline

Novel Psychedelic Drug Development Plan Key Points:

  • FDA timeline is 5-7 years with intent to launch into legal juris dictions to therapists and clinics by late 2022.

  • Our proprietary nano super molecule formulations may produce greater bioavailability and an entourage effect with greater results.

  • Development of proprietary delivery mechanisms for micro dose and minimal hallucinogenic effects.

Novel Psychedelic Drug Development

  • Our novel psychedelic drug formulations to go down the FDA pipeline for:

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Depression, and PTSD.

  • First drug candidate is our patent pending product, Psilly.

Psychedelic API and Supply Chain Key Benefits:

  • Hold the proprietary formulation and extraction process for three botanical API compounds; Psilocybin, DMT, MDMA.

  • A DMF allowing us to commercialize and sell the API to other organizations without detailing our process or compounds in the API.

  • Completion of this potentially leads to obtaining aDrug Master File (DMF) from the FDA.

Psychedelic API and Supply Chain Development

  • Acquired a license to proprietary formulations for psychedelic API.

  • First compound Psilly API into non-clinical CMC studies launches in 2021.

  • Completion of this potentially leads to obtaining a Drug Master File (DMF) from the FDA.

Invest Now In Ei.Ventures... And In The Future Of Mental Health

Early Access Is The GoalOur focus is to establish a suite of therapeutics and protocols which give early access to those who need it the most.

Focus On Botanical OnlyWe are committed to developing true psychedelic medicines and a line of nutraceutical products using the whole plant & fungi.

Go-To-Market Product StrategyOur novel product strategy combines FDA drug pipeline development with emerging legal pathways to bring solutions to market.

A Robust R&D PipelineOur extensive IP library of multiple unique compunds increases our total addressable market and likelihood of commercialization.

Science Expertise Team with a strong clinical, FDA, and botanical drug development background.

Join Us In Co-Creating A Mental Health Renaissance.

Start Here

Our Clinical Development Pathway

Three-Part Strategy
Proprietary Spore Prints:

Our first step in developing Psilly, our first therapeutic and drug candidate is to grow our proprietary spores.

CMC Studies:

Our CMC studies for characterization, manufacturing, and controls will be performed at our partners lab in Canada.

API Development:

Our first step in developing Psilly, our first therapeutic and drug candidate is to grow our proprietary spores.

Pre-clinical and Clinical Studies:

We plan to be through pre-clinical and phase 1 trials within 18-24 months on a path to launching therapeutic Psilly into legal jurisdictions.

Continued Drug Development:

We plan to be through pre-clinical and phase 1 trials within 18-24 months on a path to launching therapeutic Psilly into legal jurisdictions.

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Dedicated to the Future of Mental Health: Our Team


David Nikzad,
CEO & Co-Founder

David Nikzad co-founded the company in 2019. Mr. Nikzadis an experienced operator, entrepreneur, and angel investor. David has an eye for emerging trends and is an “investor savant”. He likes to back disruptive leaders.

Linda Strause,
Director of Clinical Development

Dr. Strause has worked in the pharma & biotech industries for 30+ years. She has held senior positions in a variety of companies... and brings a 360-degree perspective to the drug development and plant medicine industry.

Nate Sumbot,
Chief Legal Officer

Prior to joining the company,Nate was a lawyer with Ballard Spahr LLP. He also held positions at Utah State Bar.  In private practice, Nate leverages his diverse career experience to develop and monetize innovation.

Jason Hobson,
Director & Co-Founder

Jason A. Hobson is an attorney, entrepreneur,and angel investor. He is a founding partner of the law firm Hobson Bernardino + Davis LLP. Jason has focused10 years investing in health and wellness innovation.

Cecil Robles,
Chief Strategy Officer

Cecil Robles is a entrepreneur executive with 17+ years of corporate strategy and global brand-building experience. He has also served as CMO and CEO... and has built and sold multiple businesses over the course of his career.

Matt Appel,
Chief Financial Officer

Matt has 10+ years experience managing accounting at all levels of an organization. He has served in the hospitality, software, and manufacturing industries among others.Matt draws on a wealth of knowledge and CFO savvy.

Advisors & Partners

Dr. Jack Rentz, MD - Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Rentz is an experienced physician & owner of Denver Diagnostic Pain with a demonstrated history of working in interventional pain medicine & interventional orthopedics with a focus on non-opioid care & evolving stem cell therapies.

Kevin Matthews – Legalization Partner

Kevin led the campaign that successfully decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms in Denver, CO in May 2019. He serves as the Executive Director of the Society for Psychedelic Outreach, Reform, and Education and is the President of the Denver Psilocybin Policy Review Panel.

Najla Guthrie – Clinical Trials Partner

Najla currently serves as the President and CEO of KGK Science, a contract research organization in Ontario, Canada. Throughout her career, Najla has been hailed for both her revolutionary contributions to nutritional science & her accomplishments within the nutraceuticals industry,

Jeff Pasquerella – Compliance

Jeff has an extensive professional background in the securities industry. Mr. Pasquerella was the Vice President and Regional Director of the South Region of FINRA from 2013 to 2015.

Gopal Das, Strategic Investment Advisor

Gopal is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apex Resources Ltd., Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of Safehouse Technologies, the Managing Director of KHMDL, Member of the Board of Directors of April Labs, and a Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Board at Orthogonal Thinker.


How can I place my investment?

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The subscription agreement will be sent in a period of ten business days. If there are any AML (anti-money laundering) issues, this process may be delayed.

Who is the transfer agent?

Odyssey Trust

How long does payment process time take?

5-7 business days

What payment options are available?

ACH, Credit card, Wire transfer

Do you need to be an accredited investor?

For US residents – NO, we are accepting non-accredited investors. For Canadian Residents - we are only accepting accredited investors. For all other countries, we do not have an accreditation requirement.

Are there are any warrants involved in this offering?

No, shares are $4.94

What account types can I invest with?

Individual, joint, company, 401k/IRA (check with your custodian)

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Yes, a fully executed subscription agreement will be sent to you once you have funded your investment and our Compliance Team has cleared your account of any anti-money laundering exceptions

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The New Standard of Wellness

Ei.Ventures is entering an estimated $34.5 Billion industry.

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Join Cecil Robles, Chief Strategy Officer of Ei.Ventures on Thursday, July 29th, at 3:00 PM EST for a live investor webcast and AMA call.

Cecil will be joined by Dr. Linda Strause, Ph.D, Head of Clinical Development to discuss the future of Psychedelic Medicine... and how Ei.Ventures aims to be a pioneer the space.

Cecil will also share more about the investment opportunity at hand. As you may already know... Ei.Ventures is the first Psychedelic medicine company to qualify for a Reg A+ Tier 2 offering.

Cecil will also share more about the investment opportunity at hand. As you may already know... Ei.Ventures is the first Psychedelic medicine company to qualify for a Reg A+ Tier 2 offering.

This type of offering structure opens the door for both non-accredited and accredited investors to get in on the ground floor.

There will be time at the end of the webcast for Q&A... so come prepared with any questions you may have.

Think about it... mental illness affects nearly 1 billion people... many of whom are not getting help from psychiatric drugs. The need of the hour is great.

This is where Ei.Ventures comes in.

Cecil will also share more about the investment opportunity at hand. As you may already know... Ei.Ventures is the first Psychedelic medicine company to qualify for a Reg A+ Tier 2 offering.

Register here for the call... and discover how Ei. Ventures is positioned to bring the healing power of Psychedelic medicine to those who need it most.

Seats are limited... so reserve your spot now... and we’ll look forward to seeing you on the call.